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Cabarete Beach

Playa Cabarete

Cabarete Beach is the longest and windiest beach in the Dominican Republic. Technically, we have about 300 days of wind to make kites per year. If you want to read a more detailed article about the wind in Cabarete, check out our previous article: When is it windy in Cabarete?

Cabarete Beach is a beautiful place to give dreamy pleasures and at the same time enjoy life, in the day you enjoy everything beautiful with the sun outside and at night they tend to be spectacular and it has everything for total enjoyment.

In the early mornings and on the few occasions when there is no wind, people want to use the ocean for paddleboarding.

In the afternoon, the strong winds make Cabarete a mecca for love or money that needs a sail. Cabarete beach can be divided into 3 separate areas with a line drawn in the center almost in front of our condos.

This line is often considered a mix of windsurfing and kiteboarding areas. Even when facing the water, that line’s own is that of the windsurfing area, and therefore the left side of that line is that of the kiteboarding area.

Thanks to the incredible natural conditions that the beach presents, it has managed to rank among the ten best beaches in the world for kitesurfing and windsurfing.

In addition, the beach has a multitude of top-quality hotels, restaurants and bars, where you can enjoy Dominican customs and culture, such as their delicious cocktails or dishes as tasty as mangú or sancocho.

Without a doubt, Cabarete beach is a living beach where you can interact with the local people and learn about both the customs and the beautiful Dominican nature.

This is a topic that raises a lot of debate, but we are managing to keep it simple and allow it to carve its own path. We hope that this text is a general guide, not that the top is all the water sports areas of Cabarete.

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