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Holidays Puerto Plata

Ciguapa waterfall, wonderful fountains!

Ciguapa waterfall is located in Cabarete, belonging to the Province of Puerto Plata and is one of the most impressive attractions that the region has, a number of adventures that you will live in one place.

Ciguapa waterfall is to enjoy the waterfall experience at another level, counting a total of twelve jumps of up to 10 meters in height, during a two-hour river expedition of pure fun and adrenaline.

The trip includes a walk through the dense jungle before beginning this adventure full of water and spectacular experiences.

The tour agencies located in Cabarete offer excursions to Ciguapa waterfall all year round offering a guaranteed stay with the pertinent protocols, the care it provides and the best attentions.

Its waterfalls are spectacular that offer a phenomenal and unforgettable experience for their minds, it has a super beautiful turquoise blue color and the route is wonderful, jumping each waterfall is risky and joyful.

This place is the ideal place for extreme adventures, from climbing, kayaking to swimming in the deep side that this wonderful sanctuary has, you must be open to enjoy and explore what has never been explored.

Save yourself the hassle and enjoy the trip with the good people here who have done the field work with their guides and the place trained to provide security, a nice stay and an unforgettable coexistence with nature.

Iguana Mama Adventure Tours & Shore Excursions these are the certified and highly reputable agencies to guarantee you the best adventure ever.

After spending two to three hours at the waterfall, you will begin a 45-minute hike outside the waterfall. There is the option of hiring donkeys to do most of the way outside the waterfall.

After 20 minutes of our uphill hike, you have the option of having a donkey take you the rest of the way out of the canyon.

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