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Holidays Puerto Plata

Kite Beach

Playa Kite

In the mornings and at windless times, Playa Kite is transformed into a SUP oasis with flat butter water and nice reef waves for those who really know how to handle their SUP board and paddle.

But Kite Beach gets its name because it has earned its place as a world class destination for kiteboarders all over the planet. The reef provides 100m of cut protection for people riding a double tip. This same reef creates a nice break that is fun to ride in a directional in high water and through a nice swell.

Kite Beach is also home to approximately five kite schools. You will find all beginners walking on the beach and entering “The Point”. This provides plenty of room for those who are learning and typically dragging the wind down to a point.

Because of all this, Kite Beach is often crowded. Especially during the summer months, as this is often considered “kite season”. That said, if you pay attention to the pace of the world, you’ll find that you have all the space you want. You’ll also last behind the reef and wish you were the only one inside the ocean.

One of the simplest things about Kite Beach is its proximity to the water. Very close. This makes access to restaurants and the kite school very easy, which is useful once you are hungry or tired. Another great point about Kite Beach is that you will never feel alone.

If you ever have problems, there is always someone there to help you launch, land, retrieve your board, flip your kite or untangle your lines. Of course, there’s not much here for free, so you can manage a couple of pesos to get help from the locals.

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