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World Kite Competition 2022 in Cabarete!

World Kite Competition 2022 in Cabarete is Formula Kite Grand Prix World Competition was held in Cabarete, belonging to the province of Puerto Plata, the event was held from March 9 to 13, with the participation of 17 athletes from 8 countries.

This great international event was organized by the Dominican Sailing Federation (FEDOVELA), with the support and endorsement of the International Formula Kite Association, and was sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic.

Kitesurfing is considered an extreme sport of sliding on the water, in which the wind propels a traction kite and allows you to move using a board or a wakeboard-type ski, and it is for this reason that Cabarete is the ideal destination to practice this kite. beautiful and interesting water sport.

Cabarete is very popular with the young and adventurous thanks to the water sports offered on the beach, its famous jazz festival held every fall, and its eclectic bars, cafes, restaurants, and shops.

The Dominican athlete Deury Corniel was crowned runner-up in the Kite Surf competition held during the championship celebration, being surpassed by Tiger Tyson from Antigua and Barbuda, who won 1st place, and Valentín Bontus from Austria, in 3rd place.

The women’s category held firm from the start of the competition with Kirstyn O’Brien from the United States in first place, Kimberly Risbergen from the Netherlands in second and Marina Vodisek from Slovenia in third, women who prove that extreme sports are for everyone.

The winner Tiger Tyson from Antigua, commented that it was very fun and exciting to compete with conditions as spectacular as those offered by Cabarete and it was a lot of pressure to stay in 1st place, competing with such qualified athletes in this sport. While Deury Corniel was very happy with the result obtained in the competition.

It should be noted that Cabarete is the main kite venue in the Caribbean and where the most important activities of this sport are held in the Dominican Republic and where many tourists gather to enjoy the interesting things that the Province of Puerto Plata offers.

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