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Film Studio directed by Vin Diesel!

The President of the Dominican Republic Luis Abinader announces the creation of a film studio directed by Vin Diesel in Puerto Plata and the implementation of modern studios for the creation of many jobs and the opportunity of many people, something that directly benefits the Province from Puerto Plata.

President Luis Abinader and the famous North American film actor, Vin Diésel, signed a memorandum of understanding for the structuring of an ambitious project that will include state-of-the-art film studios and modern technology on Bergantín beach, close to Playa Dorada in this province.

The project includes the installation of a film industry for the production of films and artistic events of various varieties, it will be developed by the Vin Diesel company, One Race Films. The agreement was signed right next to the Bergantín beach, where President Abinader and the actor promised to deploy all efforts and measures to guarantee the successful completion of this project.

During the signing ceremony of the agreement, where the president was accompanied by the first lady, Raquel Arbaje, President Abinader pointed out that the cinema has become a magnificent strategy for promoting tourism. He affirmed that the country currently has more human capital, more knowledge and better positioning, so he understands that the Dominican Republic is more than ready to take a greater leap.

“Today we are interested in going further to take advantage of the advantages of this industry and enhance its economic contribution through its link with other sectors, mainly with tourism,” said the president. He also added that “we want Bergantín to go down in history as a comprehensive, innovative and sustainable destination. And what better than integrating the film industry to this new proposal, than hand in hand with the largest?”, said the president, referring to Diesel.

He considered that, with the development of this project, this community would become a benchmark in the region and in the world, attracting talent, investment and new tourists. The head of state specified that all this must be supported with public policies that allow the development of talent and investments in supporting industries. “We have the courage that the rulers should have to do it,” he added.

“That is why today we begin the first steps with the best advisers. Vin Diesel and One Race Films have everything we look for in a good alliance: experience, vision, but above all, love for the country. Vin is a fan of our land and its people,” said the president. For his part, Vin Diésel, who upon arriving at the place was confused in a strong and emotional hug with President Abinader, whom he defined as his brother, spoke of his love for the Dominican Republic.

He said he was proud to be part of the Dominican people and his friendship with the President of the Republic. During this act, Senator Ginnette Bournigal and the Administrative Ministers of the Presidency, José Ignacio Paliza, and Tourism, David Collado, were present, who praised Vin Diésel and valued the efforts made by President Abinader to attract investment, relaunch the economy and the tourism.

This project will inject a lot of income into the Dominican economy both directly and indirectly, as well as ambitious projects with the inclusion of world-famous international actors as well as local talent.

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