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New Airline in the Dominican Republic!

New Airline in the Dominican Republic, users of the new Arajet airline will have greater connectivity with other destinations and access lower airfares of 30% and 60% percent of market prices, said President Luis Abinader after leading the act of opening of the operations of that airline.

There is no doubt that many Dominicans and foreigners interested in coming to the Dominican Republic will be able to do so in an easy and pocket-friendly way that you can allocate those resources for whatever you want and you will enjoy all the destinations that our beautiful Caribbean island offers.

Its objective is to provide Dominicans with flights at affordable prices that connect the country with the main destinations of the American continent. The line will have about 20 new Boeing 737 Max planes, with the option to acquire an additional 15 737 MAX jets that could bring the airline’s new fuel-efficient fleet to 40 planes.

With the aircraft named Pico Duarte, Arajet will begin operations in May from AILA, with flights to Costa Rica, Colombia, Jamaica and other Caribbean islands. As of June, more aircraft will be incorporated and new destinations will be opened on the continent, and it is expected that flights to the United States will begin in the second half of the year.

According to projections, the airline plans to generate more than 4,000 jobs directly and about 40,000 indirectly. In addition, it expects to transport some 7 million passengers a year, with a total of 43 air routes, of which 24 new routes are projected that are not currently served in the market.

The incorporation of this new airline will generate direct and indirect jobs for the country and visits from different parts of the world by new visitors with the low costs of flights and the offers that the Dominican State will offer to tourists and locals who want to use this service.

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