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Holidays Puerto Plata

Aya beach, quiet and beautiful place!

Aya Beach is a beautiful beach, located not far from the extremely popular Playa Ensenada, it is just as picturesque but less crowded, which in turn is ideal for meditating and finding yourself.

It is very private, the water has a super blue color and is no deeper than the waist, very similar to La Ensenada Beach, it is the ideal place to go with family or with the people you want, it is one of those interesting places that few know and when you have the opportunity to meet her you fall in love instantly.

Aya Beach has a unique turquoise blue due to the accumulation of minerals that this piece of ocean has and makes the photos and videos unique because of how picturesque they come out and you will be the envy of the place.

Enjoy this beach with the authentic Dominican beach atmosphere due to its beauty and attractions. Here you can also find boats to visit Cayo Arena and other attractive places near the place that make your stay a special day for everything you will find.

If you don’t know about this interesting beach, you should do so to enjoy the virgin beauty and tranquility that it possesses where you can sleep in the shade, cook with the family and play various sports and meditate if that is what you want.

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How to get to Aya Beach: