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Beaches in Puerto Plata that few know!

Beaches in Puerto Plata that few know is an article for those seeking different adventures.

The Beaches in Puerto Plata are synonymous with adventure, spectacular views, and an added value for the enjoyment that is, the practice of water sports. And it is that, La Novia del Atlántico, as this beautiful province of the northern region of the country is known, is a true ecological paradise with many virgin places that have not been exploited and enjoyed as it should.

Its warm waters and changing winds have made it a benchmark of the best destinations for lovers of waves, tranquility and quiet and extreme sports.

The Beaches in Puerto Plata that few know are:

Cupetillo Beach

Cupellito Beach is a beautiful beach located in the municipality of Luperón which in turn belongs to the Province of Puerto Plata, it has beautiful attractions.

Excellent beach with beautiful crystal clear waters and few waves. It is advisable when you make your visit to bring bags to collect the garbage of what you consume to contribute to the cleanliness of our planet and thus we contribute a grain of sand to our environment.

La Ballena Beach

Playa La Ballena is a beautiful place located in Puerto Plata, it is a paradisiacal place and with excellent space to do a day of family camping on the beach, where you can breathe peace and pure air, it is without a doubt one of the quietest places and beautiful of Puerto Plata.

It should be noted that Playa La Ballena is a place with great potential for attracting resources with visitors from all over the world, access has some difficulties but in the end it is worth the effort.

Ojaldras Beach

Ojaldras Beach is definitely one of the best beaches in Puerto Plata located between Luperón and Cofresí specifically in the community of Guzmancito.

It should be noted that this beautiful beach is a hidden paradise with great attributes and the tranquility that it offers you with all its attractions.

Cangrejo Beach

Cangrejo Beach is a very interesting beach belonging to the Municipality of Montellano which in turn is in the Province of Puerto Plata, it is undoubtedly one of the most intimate attractions that this beautiful place offers.

The beach is very rough, but it is good for small children, however for those who like solitary beaches this is the perfect place to find yourself.

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Cayo or La Isla Beach 

Cayo or La Isla Beach, Puerto Plata is a spectacular place that invites you to live unforgettable experiences, since to get there we must live a phenomenal journey and with a unique experience to get to that beautiful place.

It is located in Maimón Puerto Plata away from the hotels and that very few people know about this beautiful paradise and there is only one way to get there and that is by walking along the sea, it should be noted that where you walk to get there is not deep.

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Chiquita Beach

Playa Chiquita is located in the bay of Luperón belonging to the province of Puerto Plata, it is an incredibly beautiful and very quiet place where you can find yourself and reach full happiness.

Playa Chiquita is a clean and well-kept space, it has many attractions for enjoyment and also has restaurants a few minutes away where you will taste national and international dishes, as well as drinks of all kinds to make your stay something special.

Guzmancito Beach

Playa Guzmancito, is a hidden paradise near Maimón Puerto Plata, this place is characterized by being an extremely quiet place with crystal clear waters, it is also an escape from the conventional.

Guzmancito Beach is located at an altitude of 23 meters above sea level, it is also one of the most visited places in recent times in Puerto Plata because it is part of something different.

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El Viejo Oscar Beach

El Viejo Oscar Beach, Puerto Plata, It is a great place of many attributes, white sand, crystal clear waters and a coconut area that offers shade and it is beautiful to be able to enjoy with special people, it is not very populated and therefore offers you a tranquility that you can reach concentration to be able to meditate.

This beautiful beach located between Maimón, Guzmancito and Luperón is known as Playa El Viejo Óscar, the ideal choice for total enjoyment of the tranquility and beauty of the ocean.

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Cambiaso Beach

Enjoying the spectacular white sand of Playa Cambiaso is worth it, it is approximately an hour and a half northwest of Puerto Plata, between Maimón and Luperón, this wide stretch is full of coconut trees with donkeys that eat in the background and a couple of restaurants They serve fresh fish.

Families congregate here on weekends, but during the week you can have the beach all to yourself. The beach is hard to find and takes you over bumpy dirt roads, you will need a good driver and an ATV.

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Maimon Beach

Maimón Beach This is an incredible golden sand beach shaped like a half moon and surrounded by palm trees, as well as impressive views of the nearby mountain.

Relax with the deep turquoise blue of the sea on this little crowded beach. In addition, being made of coral, it is a perfect place to put on your goggles and swim among colorful tropical fish.

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Camacho Beach (Acapulco)

Camacho Beach or Acapulco is located in Puerto Plata, it is very quiet, ideal to disconnect from everything, it is phenomenal for fishermen and snail hunters, the dunes are enjoyed more in the morning, in the afternoon the wind appears and it is enjoyed to the fullest the things that nature gives us.

Beach with good sand dunes, lots of sun and little violent sea. Quiet city and the beach has little tourist exploitation so it is ideal for an escape to tranquility and a very nice place, special to relax and unwind from routine. Few people and many places to visit. The food is very good, recommended to go with the family.

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Luperón Beach

Luperón Beach is ideal for the total enjoyment of your senses and the best place to vacation and spend unforgettable moments.

It is a beige beach, with large rocks, and an area where you can swim. Tourists often visit it before or after going to the historic site La Isabela, the first European settlement in the New World, which is very close to the beach.

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Bergantín Beach

Bergantín Beach has calm, clean waters and a beautiful view of the Isabel de Torres mountain, it is located right next to the famous tourist complex of Playa Dorada.

To get there there are two ways entering from Montellano, or by Km 7 of the Luperón Highway, near Playa Dorada and you can transport yourself in your vehicle or you can do it by public transport and four tires, like two.

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El Fraile Beach

El Fraile Beach is located in the Las Marras sector belonging to the municipality of Luperón in the Province of Puerto Plata, it is one of the beautiful and quiet places included.

El Fraile Beach is a fairly large beach, with rocky areas, in a rustic setting and with beautiful sides little visited, since it is surrounded by fences. You have to be especially careful when bathing as it has strong waves in the late afternoon.

La Poza Marigosta Beach

Poza Marigosta Beach is a beautiful beach that is located in Los Pilones of the Municipal District of Estero Hondo in the Municipality of Villa Isabela belonging to the Province of Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic.

How great it was to discover this beautiful natural sanctuary with crystal clear waters and soft sand, it is ideal for the enjoyment of the senses and it has many attributes, This Beach is one of the Beaches in Puerto Plata that few know.