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Holidays Puerto Plata

Bergantín Beach, a spectacular place!

Bergantín Beach has calm, clean waters and a beautiful view of the Isabel de Torres mountain, it is located right next to the famous tourist complex of Playa Dorada.

To get there there are two ways entering from Montellano, or by Km 7 of the Luperón Highway, near Playa Dorada and you can transport yourself in your vehicle or you can do it by public transport and four tires, like two.

Bergantín Beach is located in the wonderful Sosúa within the province of Puerto Plata, right next to Playa Dorada. At Bergantín beach you can enjoy a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.

The businesses around it are small, ideal to enjoy a fried fish and a cold beer. This Beach has various rentals to rest or perform different activities. The audience is mostly locals and tourists who together enjoy this paradisiacal environment.

The president of the Dominican Republic Luis Abinader together with the actor Vin Diesel have strategic plans to promote this town and at the same time give more value to this beautiful beach and his words were these, “Today we want Bergantín to go down in history as a integral, innovative and sustainable destination. What better way than to integrate the film industry into this proposal ”, expressed Luis Abinader.

He assured that the community of the so-called Bride of the Atlantic will become a benchmark with this project and the Bergantín Beach will greatly benefit.

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