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Holidays Puerto Plata

Bozo Beach

Playa Bozo

Bozo Beach, This is a kind of halfway point that is within walking distance. The break in the coast is usually big next to the cut. That’s good, because once you get up and go out on your board, you’ll have tons of open space to go through! If you go out a couple of hundred meters, you will find the reef where there are some nice waves for intermediate to advanced wave riders. Again, the place is shared by kite and windsurfers.

Cabarete, apart from being one of the best destinations for kitesurfing, is perfect for a relaxed vacation or days and nights full of partying and rumba with good music and rum.

If you are not a kiter yet, but would like to learn this great sport, you will find more information here about the schools in Cabarete and other kitespots.

There are a couple of schools in Bozo Beach, they all offer equipment rental and some have locker rental.

On quite a few occasions, when there is no wind, you may find a nice little break on the shore to surf without a crowd. It’s not that big, but fun and closed to the city. Also, it is not a widespread paddle as it is a rest on the coast. When it is not big enough to surf (and even when it is), you will find people with small fins on their surfboards.

Puerto Plata has many beautiful things to enjoy, that you must come to see, click here to see more!

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