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Holidays Puerto Plata

Brugal House, place of the best rum in the world!

Brugal House is a Dominican rum museum named after the Catalan expatriate Andrés Brugal, experience a visit to the Brugal Rum Center offers visitors the opportunity to see the magic of turning sugarcane into one of the Republic’s main exports

Golden brown to crystal clear rum, the rum you will see, smell and taste at the Brugal rum center will open your eyes to the possibility of what which can be a refined drink, it should be noted that it is located in Puerto Plata.

Families enjoy the wonderful automated distilling and bottling process and marvel at the mechanics of turning cane of sugar in the nectar of the gods. A great escape from the ordinary while in Puerto Plata, take some time to explore an iconic local and learn a bit about distillation in the process.

For Dominicans, Brugal & Co. is synonymous with “rum” and “Dominican Republic.” With a 130-year legacy of success alongside his partner Edrington, the company premiumized its star product: Rum Brugal and added to its portfolio a diversified group of premium distillates with brands international icons.

An evolution of these dimensions warranted reviewing its name, positioning, graphic identity and brand narrative, in order to
demonstrate its ability to produce premium rums in addition to establishing itself as the new shelter of the greatest legacies of the industry.

Based on the concept of “premium integration”, Ideograma created an identity that reflects a world-class company with an offer now diversified and premium.

The symbol of Casa Brugal not only honors its legacy with the silhouette of its emblematic coat of arms, but also evokes a window on one side, which the interior allows us to see the wealth of a century-old company, its roots, its distillation and aging process, its raw materials and your portfolio experience; out, draws us its new horizon.

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How to get to Brugal House: