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Holidays Puerto Plata

Chiquita Beach, Puerto Plata!

Chiquita Beach is located in the bay of Luperón belonging to the province of Puerto Plata, it is an incredibly beautiful and very quiet place where you can find yourself and reach full happiness.

Playa Chiquita is a clean and well-kept space, it has many attractions for enjoyment and also has restaurants a few minutes away where you will taste national and international dishes, as well as drinks of all kinds to make your stay something special.

Its turquoise blue waters are an essential part of the beauty of the place, visitors enjoy the tranquility that this beach offers, where swimming has become something wonderful because it is for the whole family, on its shores it acts for children with the care of their parents and if we go deeper we will find depth for those who want to enjoy swimming.

You can get on boats and explore its surroundings, have family gatherings, combine in good enjoyment with the love of yours is to give meaning to life, this beach has very fine white sand pleasant at our feet, you must come and know this beautiful place of Puerto Plata.

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How to get to Chiquita Beach: