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Holidays Puerto Plata

Cosita Rica Beach, Puerto Plata!

Cosita Rica Beach is located on Avenida General Gregorio Luperón in the city of Puerto Plata with all the things you want for the enjoyment of visitors.

Cosita Rica Beach is undoubtedly a great place with attractions for the total enjoyment of the senses, it is incredible how in one place you can find many things for the attractiveness of yourself and your family.

It is a quiet place, tasty food and a super beautiful beach. Something that many visitors like is that children 5 years and under can swim without problems on the shore, there are few waves.

The gastronomy and the services are great and highly recommended, the people who visit this beautiful place look for a comfort zone and good attention, and this place undoubtedly has it all.

A very clean place with a very good background music with a beautiful beach near the Malecón de Puerto Playa and near all-inclusive hotels, it also has a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.

Cosita Rica is a place where you can kitesurf and swim in its beautiful waters, the photos are beautiful with that beautiful tropical paradise.

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How to get to Cosita Rica Beach: