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Damajagua Falls Natural Monument

The Damajagua Falls Natural Monument is located in the Puerto Plata province. The Area The protected area extends along about 7 km in a west-east direction, covering an area of ​​6 km². The Natural Monument encompasses an area of ​​the La Damajagua River and the hills through which its course runs. The river goes down with fresh and transparent water between the limestone relief, forming 27 waterfalls of medium height between the exuberant tropical vegetation.

The waterfalls route is an interesting and fun experience and is done on foot along the riverbed itself, swimming, walking and climbing the rocks where the water flows. The Salto de La Damajagua protected area was created by means of the Sectorial Law of Protected Areas 202-04 within the Category III Natural Monument.

The Damajagua Falls Natural Monument is located in the north of the Dominican Republic, in the Puerto Plata province. Its limits begin in the surroundings of the town of Los Llanos de Pérez, near the Bisonó-Puerto Plata highway and end in the foothills of the El Brinco hill. The Salto de La Damajagua Natural Monument is an ecosystem of humid tropical forest.

To get to the protected area from the city of Santo Domingo, take the Duarte Highway until you reach the city of Santiago, from where you follow the route to Puerto Plata, taking the Bisonó intersection on the road that leads to Navarrete-Montecristi; Approximately one kilometer before reaching the town of Imbert, turn right onto a dirt road that leads to the Protected Area Visitor Reception Center.

The natural monument area is home to some 380 plant species, of which 12 are endemic and 360 native. The most representative are guano (Coccotrinax sp), serrasuela (Randia aculeata), horse kill (Vernonia sprengeliana), ox horn (Exothea paniculata), blackberry (Maclura tinctorea), aleli (Plumeria obtusa), ceiba (Ceiba pentandra), Guam (Inga vera), royal palm (Roystonea hispaniolana), and Indian rattan (Gouania lupuloides).

The fauna of the protected area is mainly composed of birds, amphibians and reptiles. There are 32 species of birds reported, of which 16 are residents and 6 endemic. The most common are: Barrancolí (Todus subulatus), chicui (Todus angustirostria), Palm cigua (Dulus Dominicus), woodpecker (Melanerpes stratus), and crowned dove (Patagioenas leucocephala).

Of the amphibians, the following stand out: the calcalí (Eleutherodactylus abboti); and the giant frog (Eleutherodactylus inoptatus); reptiles: turtle slider (Trachemys stejinegeri vicina), common lizard (Anolis distichus), Hispaniolan boa (Epicrates stratus) and rhinoceros iguana (Cyclura cornuta).

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