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Holidays Puerto Plata

El Castillo Beach or (Punta Devora Beach)

El Castillo Beach, this beach its real name is Punta Devora Beach is located in the municipal district of Isabela located in Puerto Plata.

This beach is near the La Isabela Archaeological Museum, from there you can see it and capture your stay on that beautiful beach in beautiful photos.

Beautiful beach with low and warm waters ideal for children although it has corals in the water, I mean, it is not completely sandy. It is recommended to enter water shoes. There are affordable and shady restaurants.

Perfect to enjoy good food, a good atmosphere, and parking nearby. To enjoy As a family with friends and with your partner, it is a wonderful beach, it does not have much wind or many waves, it is very pleasant, it is visited by a large number of tourists.

Incredible beach with crystal clear waters where you can appreciate the fish, where you can eat in its restaurants, near the beach you can find everything from alcoholic drinks to ice cream for children.

Its beautiful landscape with very beautiful greenery and the combination of sky blue and turquoise blue is a perfect contrast in a visual way, it is the ideal place to meet yourself and enjoy in company or alone.

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How to get to El Castillo Beach: