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Holidays Puerto Plata

El Chaparral Beach, Puerto Plata!

El Chaparral Beach is located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic in the Province of Puerto Plata, about five (5) minutes from the center of town.

This beach is very frequented by lovers of Kiteboarding and tourists from all over the world with waves and a beautiful and incomparable beach.

Its regular visitors think that it is a beautiful beach, that they invite you to enjoy it and take care of it, it is of great importance not to leave plastic or garbage in the place, in order to have it beautiful and thus take care of our nature.

Inside this wonderful place you will live a great experience since it is a good place to walk in groups, as a family or alone, its dishes are phenomenal and its cocktails without equal, you will find many places for total enjoyment in all senses.

It is the ideal place to vacation and enjoy life, it’s waters have a spectacular temperature at first it is fresh and then it adapts to your body, it is simply perfect.

Its Waves invite you to practice sea sports such as kitesurfing and kiteboarding, both derived from kite, there are schools to teach you in a very short time with the highest attention and safety so that you can enjoy this sport.

Its crystal clear waters with an extremely beautiful color spectrum from deep blue to green, about 50 meters after 20 meters an extensive coral reef begins, you can go from 50 to 100 m from ankle to knee deep.

It is very clean and beautiful, without a doubt it is the most beautiful beach on the north coast for all the things it has, what you can do and what you can see, this beautiful beach is simply phenomenal and wonderful.

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How to get to El Chaparral Beach: