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El Chocal, an admirable project for women!

El Chocal, a company of entrepreneurial women that contributes to the economy of Palmar Grande in the municipality of Altamira, belonging to Puerto Plata.

The Chocolate project of the Altamira Basin (Chocal) has become the backbone of the economic development of this municipality, because its operations move more than three million pesos a month.

El Chocal is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful projects, where the leaders are mothers, many single women with daughters and the rest with families, it is beautiful to see projects in favor of women, apart from that making a very high quality product .

The company is run by 40 women entrepreneurs and constitutes the main base of job creation in this community.

This project arose in 2007 in charge of 30 women from Palmar Grande, who began the process of transforming cacao to give added value to agricultural products that were “lost in our community.”

El Chocal has the capacity to process ten quintals of cocoa daily, but since right now they are working based on the demands of their products, they only work based on 30 quintals per day, these operations benefit the cocoa farmers of Altamira, who do not have to go out to other markets to market their products.

It should be noted that apart from contributing to the local economy of that community, they also offer a range of very good products and within these products are:

  • Artisan Chocolate (Cocoa Chips)
  • Artisan Chocolate (Orange)
  • Dark chocolate (70% Chocolate)
  • Artisan Chocolate (Milk)
  • Artisan Chocolate (Coffee Chips)
  • Chocolate powder
  • Ball Chocolate
  • Dark and white chocolate (Bitter)
  • Dark and white chocolate (Sweet)
  • Cacao Wine
  • Chinola wine
  • Cherry Wine
  • Corn Gofio
  • Pilón coffee

It is a delight to our senses and the palate, in addition to offering us that range of products, it also teaches us how to make it and the final result to taste those products, and the company has a sales center so that you can stock up on these rich products.

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How to get to El Chocal: