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Holidays Puerto Plata

El Fraile Beach, a beautiful place in Puerto Plata!

El Fraile Beach is located in the Las Marras sector belonging to the municipality of Luperón in the Province of Puerto Plata, it is one of the beautiful and quiet places included.

El Fraile Beach is a fairly large beach, with rocky areas, in a rustic setting and with beautiful sides little visited, since it is surrounded by fences. You have to be especially careful when bathing as it has strong waves in the late afternoon.

Being a beach quite far from the population, it does not have many services, you must take everything you want to eat, although it is something beneficial since you will know that you are going to eat and without fear of getting sick, it is a spectacular place to to enjoy.

In a hidden place surrounded by white sands and its waters so crystal clear that you can see the bottom with incredible clarity, its colors that range from turquoise blue to aqua green.

Beautiful beach, for peace lovers it is a paradise, a good atmosphere, friendly people and a hidden sanctuary, only lovers of good and quality will appreciate this beautiful place.

If you like wild and pure Caribbean beaches, this is a suitable place to come, it should be noted that you will not look at what you are used to seeing and that is the good life with the quality of its resources.

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How to get to El Fraile Beach: