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Holidays Puerto Plata

El Gallo Ecolodge, a natural paradise!

El Gallo Ecolodge is a natural paradise located in the community of Cupey in Puerto Plata, this place being unique in its class for its great attractions and the good service that characterizes it, in addition to its rich fauna and flora.

El Gallo Ecolodge is the perfect escape from the stresses and strains of our busy lives, a haven where you can sit back and listen to the sounds of the countryside with a hot cup of coffee and a great book. But if you’re up for an adventure, we’ve got that too!

This project has created a great impact in Puerto Plata for the unique tourism it offers and for all the people who benefit directly and indirectly, which in turn helps the country’s economy.

Sustainable tourism involves a commitment to low impact on the environment and local culture while creating jobs and opportunities for the community, while maintaining a positive experience for local residents, tour operators and tourists.

It is an ecological project dedicated to conserving the Dominican countryside that offers you:
  • Enjoy the beauty of an ecological paradise.
  • Enjoy the authentic food made on a stove (Made on firewood).
  • You can see a natural garden with beautiful attractions.
  • Abundant varieties of beautiful plants with a unique ecosystem.
  • It has villas of different sizes so that your stay is a dream.
  • You can hold events with your partner, friends, family gatherings and special gatherings.
  • Natural pools made only for those who stay in the tourist area.
  • Privacy for a rich evening that you will never forget.

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How to get to El Gallo Ecolodge: