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Estero Hondo Mammal Sanctuary

Estero Hondo Mammal Sanctuary is an incredible place with great attractions that will surprise you, you only have to go up to the viewpoint and observe the manatees in the Estero Hondo Marine Mammal Sanctuary, it is located west of the province of Puerto Plata, it is an area protected area of ​​48.36 square kilometers in the municipal district of Estero Hondo, Puerto Plata.

This protected place is where the largest number of herbivorous manatees in danger of extinction reside that we must take care of and try to preserve.

This Sanctuary also serves as a protected habitat for birds. We just have to explore to the watchtower to see manatees and birds from land is extremely interesting.

The Spout of Estero Hondo, together with the Sanctuary of the Banks of La Plata and La Navidad, are the only Sanctuaries of Marine Mammals that we can find on the Dominican coasts, so their protection is vital for the subsistence of multiple threatened species.

For lovers of ecotourism and nature, this Marine Mammal Sanctuary is a beautiful protected area that is home to calm waters, white sand beaches and coastal dry forests.

It is also surrounded by the largest extension of mangroves on the entire coastline of Puerto Plata where you will find various attractions that will fill you with ecstasy and mixed feelings.

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How to get to the Estero Hondo Mammal Sanctuary: