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Holidays Puerto Plata

Important cruises in Puerto Plata!

Important cruises ships in the world arrived in Puerto Plata, making Puerto Plata one of the most important destinations for the visit of the most important ships in the world with the new Puerto Taino Bay.

The Taino Bay Tourist Port received the Odyssey of the Sea cruise ship, Odyssey of the Sea, the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, considered one of the largest cruise ships in the world and Important cruises .

The cruise ship from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has a capacity for 4,805 passengers staying in 2,137 cabins and a crew of 1,551 people, the vessel is 348 meters long by 41 meters wide and 16 decks, so it is part of the great mega cruises that sail the seas today.

This has become an attraction where tourists and locals come together to view the beautiful port, the recently opened multipurpose terminal has received dozens of boats with the “Odyssey of the Seas” and many more are expected.

It is incredible how a place can be so impressive with its beauty and with the opening and also in Puerto Plata miles of boats arrive in the other ports that exist, it is the right place to come as a family to see the beautiful architecture of those boats.

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