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Holidays Puerto Plata

Independence Central Park

Independence Central Park is considered one of the most precious symbols of the city of Puerto Plata and has great historical value For the Dominicans, it was built by the military man and President Gregorio Luperón during the government he led in 1879.

Parque Central Independencia in Puerto Plata is one of the busiest and most fun meeting points in the area. The visitors they usually come to relax and chat with friends and family.

Recreational activities for all ages, concerts, theatrical presentations and important speeches that frequently liven up the place, the Dominican Republic has a lot to offer when it comes to history.

This beautiful park is surrounded by palm trees and beautiful pastel colored Victorian houses. Also around the square you will find a coffee, an ice cream parlor and a restaurant that will make you enjoy your stay even more.

This park is located in an ideal place, since it is surrounded by very beautiful and old buildings, which represent a great historical and cultural value for the country.

While there you can take advantage of visiting the Cathedral of San Felipe Apóstol, the House of Culture, the Municipal Town Hall, the Club of Commerce, Bamboo, the House of Italian, among others.

Its structure is made up of two floors in an octagonal shape with its double and continuous gallery, composed of Moorish arches. The builder of this masterpiece was the English Roderick Arthur who turned it into an important construction for the time.

The Victorian gazebo was replaced by one made of reinforced concrete. Then, in 1982 it was restored to its original condition by the engineers Carlos Camilo Hurtad and Humberto Mera and financed by the World Bank.

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