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Holidays Puerto Plata

Interesting places in Puerto Plata

The City of San Felipe de Puerto Plata, commonly called Puerto Plata, is one of the oldest cities in America, not far from it we find the first European settlement in the new continent and it has interesting places in Puerto Plata that are not Beaches.

Tourism is one of its main economic income, since the beaches of Puerto Plata are some of the most beautiful, but now we will show you other different places:

Doña Blanca Walk

The Paseo Doña Blanca is a small alley in the center of Puerto Plata painted entirely in pink, in a tribute to the founder of the first hotel in the city, the Europa hotel, it should be noted that they are the same creators of the Punta Cana Group.

Doña Bianca or Blanca is a kind of promenade that connects Beller and John F. Kennedy streets in this city. Its history dates back to 1898 when Isidoro Rainieri and Bianca Franceschini, natives of Italy, arrived in Puerto Plata and realizing that they were doing There is a lack of a hotel to serve the travelers. They decided to found the Hospedaje del Comercio, which they later changed the name to Hotel Europa.


Greenland Bubble Glamping


The rarest and most unique hotel in the Dominican Republic is located in Sabaneta de Yásica near Cabarete in Puerto Plata, it is a super unique complex with a super private area for you and your partner and essentially outdoors where you reconnect with nature.

Greenland Bubble Glamping are bubble hotels surrounded only by nature where you can sleep in your private bubble and view the moon and stars, it contains several private bubbles where the complex’s chef can cook for you and if you want to do it yourself, you can do it too.


Independence Central Park

Parque Central Independencia is considered one of the most precious symbols of the city of Puerto Plata and has great historical value for Dominicans, it was built by the military and president Gregorio Luperón during the government he headed in 1879.

Parque Central Independencia in Puerto Plata is one of the busiest and most fun meeting points in the area. Visitors usually attend to relax and chat with friends and family, recreational activities for all ages, concerts, theatrical presentations and important speeches that frequently enliven the place are carried out, the Dominican Republic has a lot to offer when it comes to history .



Fricolandia is a paradise on earth with incredible and unique attractions that you will only see in this place, this exquisite dream destination, is presented to the tourist market with a different proposal that gives the customer the option to choose between making a reservation for a price affordable service that includes lunch and drinks; or the possibility of bringing your snack, while enjoying all the attractions of the place.

It is located in the community of El Castillo, in the Municipality of Luperón, which in turn belongs to the Province of Puerto Plata, in contact with incredibly unique spaces with dozens of bungalows or gazebos, located on the shores of a beautiful beach with gentle waves and paradisiacal view, ideal for the enjoyment of the whole family.


El Gallo Ecolodge

El Gallo Ecolodge is a natural paradise located in the community of Cupey in Puerto Plata, this place being unique in its class for its great attractions and the good service that characterizes it, in addition to its rich fauna and flora.

El Gallo Ecolodge is the perfect escape from the stresses and strains of our busy lives, a haven where you can sit back and listen to the sounds of the countryside with a hot cup of coffee and a great book. But if you’re up for an adventure, we’ve got that too!


The Caves of Cabarete

The Cabarete Caves are located within the forest of El Choco National Park, The Cabarete Caves display an underground network of caves dating back millions of years. Hiking tours from the village or expert park guides will take you to explore the various chambers.

On the way down the steps you will find the Crystal Cave, an underground cave with a dark chamber that houses a freshwater pool deep enough for certified divers to explore. Above the surface, you will find other caves after a steep staircase that will lead you to vast chambers and tunnels full of stalactites and stalagmites, as well as rock art.


La Puntilla Amphitheater

La Puntilla Amphitheater is a tourist wonder of Puerto Plata, it is also home to the San Felipe Fortress from colonial times. Exuberant and beautiful place for family recreation, it is a historical and very interesting place full of stories of our roots where you can see beautiful sunsets, the name of the Amphitheater is Juan Lockward.

Historical place that dates back to 1577 in honor of the then King of Spain (Philip II), Do not forget to visit this iconic place, and when you go you should wear summer clothes and bring enough water to hydrate.

Loma Isabel de Torres

The Loma Isabel de Torres, is a natural beauty located in the northern part of the country that with its beautiful greenery and the look of love of the effigy of Christ the Redeemer with its open arms seems to care for this city of San Felipe de Puerto Plata.

This place is a true charm for Dominicans and foreigners because as soon as you reach the top of that mountain, you can breathe freshness and well-being, but it is also an adventure for those who want to enjoy the harmony of the flora and fauna that can be found there. appreciate.


Ocean World Adventure Park

Ocean World Adventure Park is the most complete entertainment park in the Dominican Republic of its kind, it is located in Cofresí beach Puerto Plata, it has the largest man-made dolphin lagoon in the world. The entrance to this part of entertainment includes access to the show of the dolphins, sharks, sea lions, tropical birds and diving in the corals, it also has an area of ​​slides and food.

Dolphins and Sea Lions Swim at Ocean World: Boasting the world’s largest man-made habitat for dolphins, Ocean World is a must-see attraction for all who visit the Dominican Republic.


Umbrella Street

Calle de las Sombrillas is located in the Province of Puerto Plata in the north of the Dominican Republic, being one of the most beautiful visual attractions in the city, they have become an attraction in the streets of some cities in the world and in Puerto Plata, it is not the exception with that beautiful attraction.

It is located a few meters from Plaza Independencia, you can enjoy the Choco Museo, smoke a cigar and other recreational activities that will be created there in the future, they are parts of what you can enjoy.

To learn about other important places in Puerto Plata, it should be noted that the beaches are the main attractions of the Dominican Republic, but in this article we will show you the interesting places in Puerto Plata, click here to learn more.

How to get to interesting places in Puerto Plata: