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Islabón, a little known paradise of Sosúa!

Islabón, a little-known paradise in Sosúa, located northwest of La Boca de Yásica, and northwest of Rincón in Puerto Plata, making this place a dream place where you will experience unforgettable experiences.

It is a place called Islabón located near Cabarete where excursion agencies prepare an unforgettable experience showing alternative sports with a super comfortable and different environment by crossing the Yasica River until reaching its mouth.

It is an incredible adventure where they give you instructions to learn how to get on the board and start the Paddle board is something well structured and explained, the beginning is easy, since the water is flat and calm, since there are no waves makes it be simple

In a place known as the mouth, it is the end of the mouth of the river where you can see the sea where you can immerse yourself in fresh water and a few meters away in salt water, making the place something wonderful.

A very pleasant walk takes you to the mouth of the Yasica River where you can find several ways to get there, one is through paddle boards and also through boats or catamarans, which is ideal for those who do not want to make an effort and exercise.

It is an ideal place to bathe in its fresh and rich waters knowing that it has the peculiarity that there is fresh and salt water, it should be noted that you can take a walk through the beach where those turquoise blue colors stand out and the beautiful greenery of its trees and palms.

After the experience you will enjoy, they return to the starting point where you will enjoy the best attention in the park.
ecological Rugana Tours, which is the main agency for this experience, and you will see an alternative world to what is customary, since it has an endemic fauna and flora that is still virgin, making the place a beautiful paradise located in Puerto Plata.

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How to get to Islabón: