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Jewish Museum of Sosúa, Puerto Plata!

The Jewish Museum of Sosúa is an interesting historical temple, 27 kilometers from the city of Puerto Plata is the municipality of Sosúa, where there is an attractive place that keeps the history of the beginnings of this town the history of the beginnings of this town and its first inhabitants, who were approximately 600 Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazi persecution that prevailed in Germany during the Second World War.

In the 1930s, the Dominican government granted Jewish immigrants the opportunity to establish their home in this area, providing them with important facilities that allowed them to start a new life free from mistreatment.

This is how the history of this town began to be written, where the museum of Jewish heritage is located. Here the original objects related to the Jewish refugees that are an integral part of the legacy of this town are kept, preserved and interpreted. It is an interesting exhibition that you can appreciate and through it learn about the history of this colony and its heritage in the country. Next to it is a synagogue that is active, officiating its religious services.

The city prospered a lot thanks to the Jews who settled there, who have created a milk factory. Most of the original Jewish settlers are gone, but the milk produced by “Sosúa Productos” continues to be successful to this day, even though it was bought by a Mexican multinational.

Until the year 1980, the town was still totally Jewish, however, with the opening of the Puerto Plata international airport, very close to there, to the west of Sosúa, the town has become one of the most important beach destinations. Today, only a few original Jewish families remain in Sosúa, but more importantly, the community is still active.

The Sosúa Synagogue is one of the structures inherited by the Jews of that time that has been maintained to this day and is used during Jewish festivities. The same property contains a Museum, which is currently undergoing repairs for its future reopening to the public. They also have a collection of more than 1,000,000 DORSA files and original families, which are currently being digitized.

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