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Holidays Puerto Plata

La Boca de Payita Beach, Puerto Plata!

La Boca de Payita Beach is a beautiful and charming place with a view that will make you return home super relaxed and with a good experience located in Puerto Plata.

Excellent to visit as a family since in that area the river is not deep and they will not be at risk due to depth. The environment is healthy and very pleasant.

Beautiful beach, famous for having salt water, close connection with a fresh water river excellent for children and very attractive for its clear water at some ends.

The things you can do on this beautiful beach are indescribable, you can spend an incredible day watching nature and enjoying the turquoise blue and soft sand, they are beautiful attributes of this piece of paradise.

As for the beach, it has very high and strong waves, it is the ideal place for adventurers who love this type of waves, this place is perfect to live an unforgettable experience.

The sand is cream colored and very soft, of which it is pleasant to walk on it, all very clean and organized, several native places of the place to eat and spend a pleasant time with the family.

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How to get to La Boca de Payita Beach: