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Holidays Puerto Plata

La Catalina Ranch, a place full of beautiful things!

La Catalina Ranch is an excellent place, a unique view, first class service, it has an area for children, it has a large exhibition of old vehicles, exotic animals, it has a large parking lot, the staff is very attentive, and the food is very good, located in Puerto Plata.

La Catalina Ranch Try international cuisine at this restaurant. Now relax and taste some unique steaks, an attractive fish or a well-crafted laing. He recommends his clients different variants of his sensational wine. Come to La Catalina and have a spectacular cut coffee.

Its courteous staff welcomes visitors year-round. We have to emphasize that your service is considered careful. The motto of this place is “reasonable prices for delicious food”. Interesting decor and a cozy atmosphere help customers feel relaxed.

La Catalina Ranch has a ramp for wheelchairs, also a massive parking lot, a spectacular room, a space for children, a Heliport, a large and very beautiful place, at the entrance trucks and old cars decorate and cages of imported monkeys and birds, behind there are ponies, deer, ostriches and other imported animals.

According to the opinions of the visitors, it is an excellent experience, it is also a place with spectacular views from above. Excellent and fast attention. Large playground for children. The food is of a very good level, its prices are worth spending it with the service they provide and the standards of good services are increasing every time.

Also the opinions of a user thinks that; Beautiful place in Copey,, ample parking, first class service, tasty food, views of the mountains and the city that are UNIQUE, excellent weather, acceptable access roads, depending on where you come from, I hope to return soon.

Excellent place to share with friends and family, impeccable service and very good attractions for the enjoyment of the whole family. Exquisite food in a wonderful setting. Magnificent facilities with mini zoo, parrots, goats, ostriches and much more.

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How to get to La Catalina Ranch: denia agencia de citas