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La Cumbre Coffee Ecological Park

La Cumbre Coffee Ecological Park is a beautiful attraction that is located at the highest point of the Luperón tourist highway, nestled in the northern mountain range between curves and coffee plantations, belonging to Santiago and that connects a few meters to the Province of Puerto Plata. .

Coffee plantations are considered of great importance, since it is the crop that provides the greatest environmental services to the nation through the capture of greenhouse gases, the generation of water, soil protection and scenic or landscape embellishment.

The park has an extension of 425 tasks with a maximum altitude of 725 meters above sea level. It has three paths called Green, Red and Yellow, as well as three viewpoints where you can see the Valleys of the North Coast and Santiago, as well as the mountainous landscape of the sector.

It has a tree diversity of 41 species in 24 families such as Palo de Leche, Manacla, Palma Real, Aceituno and 17 varieties of coffee, among which the Robusta, Liberica, Bourbon, Caturra, Típica, among others. The idea for the project was born in 1996 based on an agreement between Apedi and the Dominican Coffee Council (Codocafe), the institution in charge of La Mansión del Café, a complex where the park is located.

The pool used by the dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo, the Reflection Tub, the Wishing Well and the Coffee Plantations are also attractions that can be enjoyed in this natural setting, without forgetting the pleasant climate that ranges from 17 and 26 degrees Celsius.

The emergence of the La Cumbre Coffee Ecological Park dates back to the construction of La Mansión del Café in 1926. Its first owner was Samuel Rowland.

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How to get to the La Cumbre Coffee Ecological Park: