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Holidays Puerto Plata

La Ensenada Beach!

La Ensenada Beach, is super beautiful and is an ideal beach to spend with the family. It is short, quiet, safe for children, you can get fish at a very good price, from there you can go to Cayo Arena, another paradise in the Dominican Republic.

La Ensenada Beach in Punta Rucia is very extensive with crystal clear waters and soft white sand, in its surroundings there are different restaurants and places where you can buy fresh drinks or delight your palate with a freshly caught fish.

Punta Rucia is located in La Isabela Bay, an area characterized by its magnificent white sand beaches and by having some of the wildest landscapes in the Dominican Republic.

La Ensenada Beach is very shallow, it is ideal to visit with the whole family, its extension is enormous, the contrasts caused by the magnificent sunsets are worthy of occupying a space in our memory.

It is a very peaceful cove and its main attraction is the Arena key where you can see a large number of multicolored fish, at a very shallow depth. Its beaches are white sand and transparent water that calls for enjoyment. In various restaurants located in its surroundings you can enjoy food based on fresh fish and seafood.

Located just before Punta Rucia, Ensenada Beach is a favorite spot for families on weekends thanks to its perfect white sand, shallow blue waters, and its fry vendors or shacks cooking fresh fish and other outdoor specialties. Grab a chair under the shade, or a deck chair, and enjoy this beach with the authentic Dominican beach atmosphere. Here you can also find boats to visit Cayo Arena.

It is a beautiful beach where you can go far on foot, because it is not deep and is minutes for the enjoyment of the whole family, to see more of other beautiful places, click here! 

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