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Holidays Puerto Plata

La Puntilla Beach, Puerto Plata!

La Puntilla Beach is located in the Province of Puerto Plata, from there you can see the beautiful city, it is a great beach without having to leave the city and area to be able to walk along the seashore.

It is a perfect place to practice extreme sports, especially surfing, its waves are rough and invites you to explore that extreme side of the beautiful place.

It is the favorite stop of the Puerto Plata people to rest at the end of the day, the sunsets in La Puntilla are impressive, occupying the west end of the Malecón of the city, adjacent to the San Felipe Fortress and a walk along the edge of the Ocean Atlántico, this recently renovated coastal park or for a weekend walk.

The park has bike lanes along the ocean views, and plenty of seating, including an amphitheater where big events and concerts are held throughout the year. Punctuated with a statue of Gregorio Luperón.

Those who love nature can enjoy its beautiful attractions and live a beautiful experience without waste, it is a very beautiful place to take a long walk and explore how beautiful it is.

It is a tourist wonder of Puerto Plata, in addition there is the San Felipe Fortress from the colonial era. Exuberant and beautiful place for family recreation and total enjoyment.

La Puntilla is located in an area very close to the historic center of Puerto Plata. Due to its geographical condition, it enjoys privileged views towards the Amber Coast and towards the city and the mountains, especially from the lighthouse area, which is its highest point.

Its strategic position between the historic center, the boardwalk, the port, the park and the La Puntilla amphitheater are key elements. An urban architecture and landscape project sensitive to the preexistence of the place is conceived, with the reuse of existing buildings and the incorporation of new cultural uses and its beautiful waters combined with all these attractions make this place a dream place.

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How to get to La Puntilla Beach: