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Holidays Puerto Plata

La Rejoya, Juan de Nina in Puerto Plata!

La Rejoya, Juan de Nina in Puerto Plata is one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean with pure and unspoiled nature, this beautiful rejoya feeds communities and at the same time gives you experiences and beautiful experiences.

Puerto Plata is full of treasures waiting to be discovered, and the beautiful waterfalls that protect the Camú River, in the Juan de Nina community in Puerto Plata, are an example of this. For hikers and adventurers this is one of the many beauties that you can find while exploring this beautiful place.

A travel adventure that is quite enjoyed if you are a lover of hiking because of the intensity that is experienced while you travel each section, since reaching them is a whole journey, but once you achieve it and you can swim in its crystal clear turquoise waters you will feel that it was worth it; Getting here is a wonderful and refreshing experience, an incredible experience.

If you come to La Rejoya with the aim of exploring and knowing, you must be prepared to walk for several hours, climb mountains and slide down some uncomfortable sections; You have to cross the Camú River (approximately one hour) to reach La Rejoya, so it is advisable to come with an experienced guide who knows the route so you will avoid getting lost, as well as being in good physical condition.

It is good for you to know that after a few years only the first two waterfalls are allowed to pass, the others have been destined to supply water to the community so they do not allow anyone to enter, thus preventing them from contaminating them. Remember to take your waste and leave the place better than how you found it.

La Rejoya is a true natural jewel where you can delight in its beautiful attributes, it is possible to feel that sensation with the simple fact of arriving and closing your eyes where you are impregnated with a beautiful sensation and the encounter with nature.

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How to get to La Rejoya: