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Holidays Puerto Plata

Lola Beach, a paradise that few know!

Lola Beach is one of the virgin beaches of Puerto Plata, it is located next to beautiful places and it is one of the prospective places to be one of the main attractions of the province.

It is located in the community of Guzmancito, although the road is not in good condition it is highly recommended since when you meet it and get there you don’t want to leave.

It is one of those places that you fall in love at first sight and the best thing it has is that it is a virgin, it is not yet preyed upon by humans.

The place is in the eyes of investors to turn it into a very interesting tourist complex for all the resources you have.

When you want to vote for stress and find full happiness, full of peace and enjoy with family, with your friends or go out alone to explore this is the favorite place.

It is interesting to know about these hidden paradises since you can escape and enjoy in privacy to the fullest.

Its sand is very clean and its turquoise blue waters make a very beautiful contrast to take dream photos and spectacular videos.

Do not wait any longer and come and meet her with the right people, enjoy and at the end of your day picking up the waste they produce is your obligation.

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How to get to Lola Beach: