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Holidays Puerto Plata

Luperón in Puerto Plata, the origin of the Americas!

Luperón is a municipality of great historical importance for the New World, it is located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, in an imposing bay that sheltered Admiral Christopher Columbus from the ravages of the typical storms of that area, which he called “Puerto de Gracias o Grace”, for being the place where he sought refuge to save his fleet.

Luperón Bay has traditionally been considered an important point for world sailing and in the Atlantic shipping routes due to its unique physiographic characteristics that guarantee effective protection in meteorological events, which is considered the safest natural refuge for mariners. who venture into this part of the world.

In Luperón is La Isabela or Villa Isabela, the first city founded in the New World (America) by the Spanish, in 1494. Its name honors the Queen of Spain. Christopher Columbus chose the site to replace the Fort of La Navidad.

On the north coast of Hispaniola (now the Dominican Republic, province of Puerto Plata), and appointed a government council to govern it, which included, among others, Antonio de Torres and Bernardo Boyl. The city was a mixture of port, shipyard, customs and warehouse, through which all traffic between the island and Spain was channeled.

Currently it is a National Historical Park, it has an archaeological area where the ruins of the foundations of the first villages are found, as well as a museum where both Taino and Spanish pieces are exhibited, findings from excavations in the area.

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