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Holidays Puerto Plata

Macorix House of Rum in Puerto Plata!

Macorix House of Rum is a historical museum of the Ron Family Macorix was born in 1899 by the Carrión family from the town of San Pedro de Macorís, a place considered by many to be the land of poets, artists and sugar cane.

110 years later, Ron Macorix became part of the Vinícola del Norte family of the port city of Puerto Plata, uniting two emblematic rum-producing towns in the Dominican Republic.

Based on the oldest recipes, Ron Macorix is ​​unique in that it combines our founders’ legacy and years of rum-making experience with the most advanced technology in the industry. We can proudly state that RON MACORIX is a premium blend since 1899.

When you arrive, you will receive a super interesting and recommended tour, you will learn about the history of rum in America, see the barrels in aging and enjoy, if you like, even many types of rum where it takes you back to other times and makes the journey an unforgettable experience.

Among the products that you can buy in any establishment in the country and abroad, within the range they have are:
Rum Macorix Grand Reserve
Rum Macorix Rebel
Rum Macorix Coconut Splash
Rum Macorix CoolPineapple
Rum Macorix Appletini
Rum Macorix Blanc
Rum Macorix Gold
Macorix Ice Appletini
Macorix Ice Coolpineapple

Puerto Plata is the cradle of the best rum in the world where you can not only see this interesting museum, but also the visitor can enjoy its beautiful beaches and its tourist attractions, all the attractions that it has make the bride of the Atlantic a spectacular province.

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How to get to Macorix House of Rum: