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Holidays Puerto Plata

Magic Jungle, a wonderful place!

Magic Jungle is a spectacular place that offers a number of attractions for total enjoyment, it is located in Puerto Plata.

There are too many attributes that we can mention, but it is better if you come to explore it and manage to capture this experience in photos, videos and in your mind and it will undoubtedly be one of the best experiences of your life.

The experiences they offer you are: walking with a guide, zipline, rappelling and swimming, all 100% excellent with super accessible prices and they include everything.

The service of those in charge of guiding you is exceptional, worth its 5 stars and with the possibility of having more, it is a wonderful and impressive place.

If you go from Santiago, you only have to take a car from Gurabo in Santiago, then a bus to Yásica and you stay in Mango. There you will only have to take a motor or walk about 45 minutes, it is super easy to get there.

Magic Jungle is a paradise where you will find the peace and adrenaline that few locations offer, it should be noted that living good experiences is vital to stay in this land.

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How to get to Magic Jungle: