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Holidays Puerto Plata

Maimón Bay, Puerto Plata!

Maimón Bay is a spectacular place and at the same time it is an open commercial plaza where you can see the boats arriving with tourists, it is located in Puerto Plata.

Its access is through the entrance of the Bachata Beach or Senator Group tourist complex, you can access the beach by vehicles or on foot if you decide, but it is a little removed to get there.

It should be noted that Puerto Plata has wonders of spectacular places for the maximum enjoyment of all our senses and to delight ourselves with the ocean and its attributes.

A few meters away is the Puerto of the Ámbar cove, from that place you can also see the Maimón Wind Farm and a fairly extensive dock, it is an extremely quiet place and has a few meters and you can walk it in a few minutes.

The ocean offers you a number of benefits, this beach is ideal for the whole family, especially children since the shore is not deep and its waves are soft, perfect for children.

Near the beach there is a small lagoon where turtles, pelicans and ducks are found, it should be noted that you can access the beach through the complex or by road along the shore of the complex.

It is advisable to bring a ball or dominoes to practice a quiet sport without spending cash and bringing you an exquisite and pleasant experience.

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How to get to Maimón Bay: