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Holidays Puerto Plata

Maimón Beach, a place of emotions!

Maimón Beach this is an incredible golden sand beach shaped like a half moon and surrounded by palm trees, as well as impressive views of the nearby mountain. Relax with the deep turquoise blue of the sea on this little crowded beach, in addition, being made of coral, it is a perfect place to put on your goggles and swim among colorful tropical fish.

In Playa Maimón the few existing buildings are fully integrated into the landscape. In order to be prepared for the arrival of cruise passengers from the next cruise season in the Caribbean region, and specifically in the new Amber Cove tourist terminal.

Although it is not the most visited, it is very quiet and beautiful, since you can enjoy all its resources and its turquoise blue waters, it should be noted that it is of great importance to enjoy life to the fullest without complicating it, it is beautiful to see and indulge yourself with what God gives us.

Maimón Beach is a spectacular place for the total enjoyment of the senses and the richness of its waters invites you to be happy and to enjoy what is beautiful in nature.

It also has the tranquility away from the crowd, that you can meditate and enjoy the peace of the ocean and the beautiful breeze of nature.

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How to get to Maimón Beach: