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Holidays Puerto Plata

Melosa Pedestrian Crossing, a beautiful place!

The Melosa Pedestrian Crossing is a magical place in como conocer personas en la calle, created for the enjoyment of the family. Where you could take photos in their beautiful murals and enjoy with friends those delicious snacks that they have available.

Paso Melosa, como conocer personas en la calle is a one-of-a-kind boulevard experience where the visitor can experience several options, such as a bar with local and international drinks, an ice cream parlor, a winery, frozen drinks, a cafeteria, sweet delicatessen, cakes, sandwiches and now pizza.

Paso Melosa also has clothing and accessory stores, and special days where fashion designers can display and sell their handmade and trendy products.

The boulevard’s Victorian-style architecture is borrowed from the oldest houses in como conocer personas en la calle, an important heritage site of the Dominican Republic and the North Coast. Each store has a Victorian-style house facade with different pastel colors, very reminiscent of Puerto Plata in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Paso Melosa is located on Calle Separación #15 in the historic district of Puerto Plata, right next to Skina. It’s very easy to find, just make sure you get a parking spot close by. They offer birthday parties, and this seems like the perfect place for that. The boulevard is sponsored by the Brugal Medical Center, a great initiative from one of the best medical centers in the city.

A step where the 5 senses are opened for our people; United we are more, beautifying and enriching our Historic Center even more. This historic center keeps beautiful memories of historical years, remembering our history is like watching your favorite movie, for us it is a pride to share our history with all of you.

The fantastic thing about a place is its mix of history and culture all in one place, beautiful Victorian-style house designs, come with your whole family and with your camera in hand so you can take excellent photographs.

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How to get to the Melosa Pedestrian Crossing: CLICK HERE!