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Holidays Puerto Plata

Doña Blanca tourist walk, unique in the caribbean!!

The Doña Blanca tourist walk is a small alley in the center of Puerto Plata painted entirely in pink, in a tribute to the founder of the first hotel in the city, the Europa hotel.

Doña Bianca or Blanca is a kind of promenade that connects Beller and John F. Kennedy streets in this city, its history dates back to 1898 when Isidoro Rainieri and Bianca Franceschini, natives of Italy, arrived in Puerto Plata and realizing that they were doing There is a lack of a hotel to serve the travelers. They decided to found the Hospedaje del Comercio, which they later changed the name to Hotel Europa.

Doña Bianca, as she was known in Puerto Plata, was a dedicated and committed woman with her family, serious, hardworking, strong and charitable, who with effort and dedication dedicated herself to educating her nine children, the oldest of whom was 17 years old. , when her husband died in 1914 in New York. Despite this, he was able to send several of them to complete their higher education in Italy.

The story goes that admirals-commanders of the US naval forces, for that date, made reservations for lunch at the Rainieri hotel, famous for its exquisite wine cellar.

The hotel is sold on Doña Bianca’s death in 1946, leaving the name of the Rainieri Franchescini family in history as a pioneering family and forerunner of tourism in the Dominican Republic.

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How to get to Doña Blanca tourist walk: