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Holidays Puerto Plata

Patilla beach, Puerto Plata!

Patilla beach is a piece of dream land that seems out of a magazine for so beautiful it is, it has an area of ​​very beautiful palms, cream sand and the turquoise blue of its waters.

For the people who frequent it, it is the most private and quiet place in all of Puerto Plata that you must discover and put on the list to put it in your places to explore.

Privacy is something all people need and this little-known paradise is one of those places that you know about it and when you know it, you make it yours.

It is the perfect place to share with family, friends, with your partner or alone and it is 100 percent sure that your stay in the place will be unforgettable.

Nearby you can find many beautiful beaches due to the great diversity offered by the Bride of the Atlantic that is Puerto Plata.

It is advisable to go high vehicle since the road is not in very good condition, but it is worth it recommended that you come and enjoy how beautiful it is.

You must bring what you must consume, that even if you find where to consume some food or alcohol it is not abundant, enjoyment and ecstasy in your life are the things that you will experience.

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How to get to Patilla beach: