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Holidays Puerto Plata

Poza Piedra Beach, Puerto Plata!

Poza Piedra Beach is located in Puerto Plata, it is without a doubt the dream place for visitors, when you arrive at this place you are surprised to see all the beauty combined in one place.

It is a Virgin Beach with calm waters and perfect turquoise blue, it is right in front of the booth to access the Estero Hondo Sanctuary of marine mammals in the Province of Puerto Plata.

It is incredible to see such a beautiful place that gives you the tranquility and peace that many dream of, you can walk the path to the shore of the beach where you can take some dream photos and truly find peace inside.

Every time you want to turn your life around and get out of the monotony, you should come to this beautiful place with your family or alone to learn to be more happy and nearby you will find places of leisure and very nice people.

For the pleasure of your stay in this incredible place, try to portray all the places you see, since the photos are the joy of every moment.

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How to get to Poza Piedra Beach: