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Holidays Puerto Plata

Puddle of the Military, Puerto Plata!

Charco de Los Militares

Puddle of the Military is located in the community of Tubagua belonging to the Province of Puerto Plata, according to urban legends that name comes from the times of the dictatorship of former President Rafael Leónidas Trujillo, a group of soldiers deserted, leaving their uniforms lying in the Crystalline waters of the pond, from there it is said that its name comes from.

The Puddle of the Military is one of the places where you literally feel in paradise thanks to the incredible vegetation and the turquoise blue of its waters, it is said that this color is due to a mineral found in the rocks of the river.

It is a beautiful experience through a very pleasant route, you do not need to have a great physical condition to enjoy it since the route to the river is mostly flat with some climbs.

When you get to the beautiful place you will find three waterfalls, some deeper than the other and to get to them you will have to walk about an hour on a mountainous path; When you arrive you will have to climb some rocks until you cross to the other side, where the beautiful Charco de los Militares awaits you to take a rich bath in its turquoise waters.

Its beautiful waters invite you to enjoy nature to the limit, it is incredible to see virgin and beautiful nature in one place, it should be noted that living this experience adds to the pleasant experiences and good life that we experience in our passage through this world.

It is important that you know that it is an area far from all civilization and everything that you are going to use you must take but the only thing you should not leave is the desire to enjoy.

Among the most basic things that I recommend you take are:

  • Comfortable shoes with rustic soles (that do not slip)
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Water, chocolates, and snacks.
  • Comfortable clothes
  • It is recommended to bring Painkillers and anti-allergies

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How to get to Puddle of the Military in Tubagua, Puerto Plata: