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Holidays Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata’s Pier, a spectacular view!

Puerto Plata’s Pier is two residents of Puerto Plata proudly declare theirs to be the most beautiful beachfront boulevard in the Dominican Republic. And you will understand when you see the many white sand beaches that line the main avenue of the city, each with its own name.

Apart from days at the beach in the city center, the long and shaded sidewalk of the boulevard is ideal for morning or evening walks, the sunrises here are spectacular. You can also make a stop at one of the different bars and restaurants that line the Pier, or take a bike ride along the bike path.

Enjoy the breeze, have a drink at sunset or work out walking along the Malecon to Long Beach. Throughout the year numerous events take place along the boulevard, including the Puerto Plata Carnival.

The history of the construction of such a spectacular place dates back to 1917, when a committee was created to promote the idea of ​​building a boardwalk around the city beach. From its route you can enjoy a spectacular panorama of the Atlantic Ocean, followed by its rocks, reefs, sand and its iodized air, as well as its vegetation.

Likewise, you can enjoy looking at the almond trees, the beach grape bushes and the coconut palms or contemplate the statues of Neptune, David and that of General Gregorio Luperón, Primera Espada. In the three kilometers of boardwalk you can run into a large number of tourists of different nationalities, who leave the hotel complexes all
including where they are staying to be.

The boardwalk has a bike lane, a novelty that few boardwalks have in the Dominican Republic and for those who want to take a dip, at the end of this road there is Long Beach, one of the most popular resorts visited by

Its residents enjoy it from start to finish, as do the hundreds of tourists of different nationalities who visit it daily.

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How to get to the Puerto Plata’s Pier: