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Holidays Puerto Plata

Puntilla Beach a spectacular place!

Puntilla Beach is a beautiful beach and at the same time it is located next to Guzmancito Beach, one of the most visited discovered beaches in recent times. This place is turning into a super cool and quiet resort complex.

The waves are strong on many occasions, it is ideal for practicing extreme water sports and its shore is ideal to receive the soft waters touching the feet, taking a little sun is good for the body.

Visiting Puntilla Beach is an escape from monotony and you will be able to see something out of the ordinary, something that human beings need to keep in our memory drawer as something unforgettable. It is a beach with great attractions for the enjoyment of your senses and total enjoyment.

It has space to walk and take beautiful photos for all its attractions, with its fauna and flora that are in its surroundings, it is ideal for the tranquility of our senses.

In its surroundings there are other beautiful beaches, but what this paradise offers you is the tranquility that you will find in few places, it is very private and at the same time beautiful and with turquoise blue waters.

The ocean provides you with those minerals that the body needs to heal the exterior and interior, you can also close your eyes and meditate in an exceptional way, admiring and loving nature must be an obligation of us, this beach is too beautiful that you have to take advantage of it and enjoy it.

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How to get to Puntilla Beach: