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Holidays Puerto Plata

Remy Beach, Puerto Plata!

Remy Beach is a beach with little waves, it is not very deep, it has areas that are only a rock. It is very quiet, it is located in Puerto Plata.

It is the right place to share with your loved ones and it is the ideal place to find that peace of mind that few places can offer you.

You proceed to enter through a private property, where you open a gate and let us pass for a very cheap price and it is truly a hidden paradise.

A beach in full development but nothing to envy, you can go alone or with someone and you will find what you want.

Many people who know the best places say with their mouths about this interesting place, it is beautiful to have a picnic and play with the family, the truth is that it is beautiful.

It is advisable to take your things, tell yourself food, drinks and taste the things that you know where they come from and at the end of your stay collect the waste so as not to mistreat our Mother Nature.

Do not wait any longer and come to know a hidden paradise that we are now giving you information so that you can delight in quality and beauty in one place.

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How to get to Remy Beach: