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Holidays Puerto Plata

Rio Grande, a beautiful place of Puerto Plata!

Rio Grande, Puerto Plata is located on the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic, it is classified as a Hydrographic (River) with great natural attributes and spectacular beauty.

Its access is a journey that you must explore, since with that, you find things never seen before, that nature offers us for free, it has a beautiful waterfall, which not only makes you want to bathe, but you find yourself with yourself.

To enjoy nature this place is the ideal paradise, it should be noted that access is easy and near there are pleasant places for a good stay.

Among all the beautiful things that this river offers, there are spaces of our flora and small fauna worth visiting, preserving and promoting.

In addition, this natural paradise offers purity, tranquility and peace, that in few places you will find, the greenery of its trees, its crystalline waters where it invites you to take a good bath or dip in this perfect place.

Arriving at the river is like arriving in Eden, where purity and pure nature can help you calm your stress and find that self, that many times we lose because of the fast life that we live daily.

Come and enjoy this hidden paradise, only with your disposition and without the need for money, decide to know and explore so that your life has meaning with everything that this wonderful world offers us with its perfect nature.

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How to get to Rio Grande: