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Holidays Puerto Plata

Safari tour, an interesting adventure!

Safari tour is a fun activity for families and couples who visit Puerto Plata and who like adventures and discover new beautiful places and that this journey will make your senses fall in love with something unique in the Dominican Republic.

It’s an outback safari adventure that visits some of the highlights of the Bride of the Atlantic. This is an excellent way to explore the diverse landscape of the region and the hospitality of its inhabitants.

In the cultural adventure of the interior lasts several hours, where you get to know many interesting corners and the cultural diversity in which the Province of Puerto Plata is involved, with beautiful beaches, mangroves, first class hotels, a very varied gastronomy and that for night enjoyment you can find everything for the enjoyment of your soul and your senses.

Visitors can enjoy unobstructed views aboard the open-air safari truck as the guide provides a narrative about the surrounding countryside. With frequent photo stops, the tour includes visits to panoramic views such as the slopes of Mount Isabela de Torres.

Other stops include a plantation that grows chocolate, coffee, and fruit; a local house; a school; and a wildlife rescue, where you can meet some of the animals, including the endangered rhinoceros iguana. The last stop of the day is at a secluded beach, where you can relax or play in the water.

For these tours you will find agencies that are in charge of offering you services at reasonable prices and with the best attention so that your stay is highly valued by those who visit it.

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