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Holidays Puerto Plata

San Felipe Fortress

The San Felipe Fortress is a monument located in the city of Puerto Plata, this fortress was created by the Spanish in the 16th century to protect the coasts from the English, Dutch and pirates who were looking for gold, it is considered one of the most emblematic colonial military structures in the whole Caribbean.

San Felipe Fortress, This fortress later worked as a prison the patrician Juan Pablo Duarte was imprisoned in this, had a prison function until the government of Rafael Leonidas Trujillo, today is a museum that displays ancient weapons pointing to the Atlantic Ocean with spectacular views.

Today it is a museum displaying the original cannons looking out to the Atlantic, ancient weapons, and numerous secret chambers. It offers spectacular views over the coast of Puerto Plata and watching the sunset from the foot of the fortress, next to La Puntilla park, is a daily activity for Puerto Plata people.

The tour is very educational, you will learn part of the history of Ptopta. With the combination of a beautiful view and natural sound of the sea. It is a key point in the history of Puerto Plata, built by the Spanish, to defend the north coast of the country from the English and Dutch. Nowadays it is a museum where the original cannons are exhibited, looking towards the Atlantic, with a spectacular view over the coast.

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Location: General Gregorio Luperón Avenue, Puerto Plata, República Dominicana.

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