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Holidays Puerto Plata

Surf Schools in Puerto Plata

Surf Schools in Puerto Plata is something interesting and of great interest for people who are passionate about this sport and who would like to venture into this sport for pleasure and like to experience different things.

Puerto Plata is a province with many attractions and beauties of all kinds, it should be noted that in addition to this sport many more are also practiced, but this time we will emphasize this type of important sport, the province has the best in the world in that area and has several world championships, within these centers are:

  • Pauhana POP Surf School
  • Kite Legend Kiteboarding School
  • Surf School Meeting
  • World surf trip
  • Yoga Kite Camp
  • Ocean Academy DR
  • Kele Surf School
  • Dominican Republic Surf School
  • Pauhana Surf School and Board Rental
  • Bobos Point Surf’s Up Surf School
  • Dominican Surf School
  • 321 Take Off Surf School
  • Wave Soul Retreats-Surf & Kiteboarding Lessons
  • Kite Club Cabarete Kiteboarding School
  • Good Wave Surf school
  • Caribbean Surf School
  • SeaPro Divers Puerto Plata
  • Cabarete kitesurfing school
  • Chinese Surf School


Surfing consists of keeping your balance, sliding on a board, dragged by a wave, for as long as possible and without falling into the water, directing it through one or more fins located at the rear of the board.

In addition to good reflexes and balance, it requires mastery of swimming and a great knowledge of the sea; so surfers can choose the best waves. For more information about Surf or where to take classes, you can go to any of these centers.

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