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Taíno Museum, historical place in Puerto Plata!

The Taíno Museum is a World Heritage Site and bears the genesis of the island, named after its founder, doctor of medicine and amateur archaeologist César Estrella Bruzzo and is located in Guananico, a town belonging to Puerto Plata.

It should be noted that Guananíco is one of the youngest municipalities and its name is associated with that of Cacique Guacanagarix, who ruled the Mariem cacicazgo when the Spaniards arrived.

Who has raised since 1960 the collection, of great scientific value, which is exhibited here. Several pieces have participated in international exhibitions and are a point of reference for archaeologists and other scientific researchers.

The collection offers a brief overview of the colonial and neo-colonial eras. The purpose of the museum is to show a reconstruction and explanation of the indigenous societies of the island, from the pre-ceramics to the Taina (dominant culture at the time of the conquerors.

Visitors say that you can learn a lot about the history of the city by visiting the museum, we learned about the early Dominican history and the now instinctive Taíno culture that probably only lives in this museum.

The work that Dr. Estrella Buzzó has done for so many years to be able to collect information and artifacts that show the evolution of our island since ancient times is something impressive. In every corner there are infinite sources of information and knowledge that it is impossible not to leave without learning something new.

It is a small museum that has two rooms, two rooms and a patio, because it is a house that was adjusted for the purpose of the museum and thanks to the efforts of its founder we can enrich ourselves with the knowledge of our rich culture.

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How to get to the Taíno Museum: